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Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring provides insight into how end-users experience your applications and networks.

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Airline Solutions

Airline booking service and back office solution.

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Payroll deduction loan origination solution for emerging markets.

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Enterprise Branch Management

Qualica's innovative solution for a distributed branch network.

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Desktop class applications delivered over the Internet


Qualica Technologies is an independent software vendor (ISV). We focus on developing and designing software for web applications and mobile protocol-based technologies and applications, and we deliver solutions to clients via our ‘support and operate’ model. 


We support and operate

This means that, as an independent software vendor, we offer support on the application software we deliver. And Qualica Technologies can bring even more to the table…

We can ‘staff up’ certain functions that relate to system operation – much like an outsourced arrangement for professional software and application management.

Our solutions are designed to complement each other so you can mix and match them to create the working model that serves you best. For example, our RIA division targets the customer interface, they will work with you to handcraft the front-end of our solutions.

Plus, Qualica’s business structure delivers a line of vertical business applications and horizontal solutions – a grid within which our exclusive solutions can nourish each other.

Our cost-saving model

Our engagement models, 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) and 'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS), reduce your capital expenditure and need for costly specialised IT staff.

Our solutions & services
Qualica offers – as a service responsive to clients’ needs – integration, disaster recovery, hardware provision, third-party software procurement, third-party vendor management, hosting, back-up, connectivity and other elements of a holistic solution.


"We have walked the road with Qualica and their service has been superb. Qualica ensures that a constant set of rules is used to test different networks, providing valuable information that works for us."

- Royden Dall, General Manager, Internet Solutions


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