Complexity made simple.
Life made fulfilling

Life Made Fulfilling

We believe there's enough complexity in the world without the need to add anymore.

That's why, as an independent software vendor, our philosophy is to always simplify. Keeping things simple has made life easier and more productive for our clients, which is why we’ve enjoyed such long relationships with most of them. So whatever specialist web or mobile protocol-based software or service we provide for you, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. And that’s the simple truth.


Maximum benefits for micro lenders

FlexiFin has been creating opportunities for micro lenders and unsecured credit providers throughout Africa.

As a browser-based micro-lending and credit management software solution, FlexiFin has been tailored specifically to overcome the challenges of developing markets.

It also comes with a long list of benefits:

Easy to use at branch level

User-friendly, feature-rich interface

Reduces risk

Can be integrated with credit bureaus or vetting houses

Reduces fraud

All branches have all debtor and loan data

Cost effective

Low total cost of ownership at scale


Offers a rich set of management reports, supported by a robust accounting core


All data is synchronised with a central office and all other branches, yet the branches can deliver a full suite of services without depending on a centralised host

Perfect solution for developing markets

Can operate in low or unreliable network connectivity and its distributed offline capability means that multiple branches can always transact fully, include issuing loans

Tried and tested

The system has processed millions of deductions in its eight years of operation

Industry standard

FlexiFin has been successfully implemented in Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, Nigeria and Mozambique


Africa’s most innovative insurance software? FlexiSure, for sure.

Built on the highly successful FlexiFin platform, capable of processing many millions of financial transactions, FlexiSure from Qualica is the latest software application developed for the insurance industry.

Supporting funeral, life and health insurance, FlexiSure manages originations, underwriting, submissions, receipting, premiums management and claims management in an easy-friendly, cost-effective way.

In fact, FlexiSure provides all the tools you could ever need.

So for a sure winner, check out FlexiSure from Qualica.

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