Financial Services

If there’s one thing we at Qualica are renowned for, it’s our specialist software for the financial and banking industries. Our solutions add meaningful and measurable value to clients involved in microfinance, payroll lending, mobile payments and network application performance monitoring software.

Browser-based FlexiFin is a new-generation, core loan management system that provides solutions for loan and credit management, micro-lending, unsecured credit and debtor management systems.

The introduction of our mobile application allows full origination capabilities and CRM in the field.

This benefit has made FlexiFin the industry standard with clients who operate throughout southern and central Africa where the IT environment is variable at best. And, to date, FlexiFin has harnessed all the experience from its predecessor VeriLend, making the platform robust and secure enough to handle many millions of financial transactions.

An integral part of the FlexiFin suite of software is FlexiLend. This is a multi-faceted solution that offers several significant and comprehensive benefits to the banking and financial industries; not the least of which are versatility, flexibility and open-ended functionality.

Another solution emanating from the FlexiFin platform is FlexiSure, which is the latest software application developed for the insurance industry.

Just like all of our FlexiFin solutions, FlexiSure is replete with industry-beating benefits.

To be specific: there’s the low cost of ownership at scale; the responsiveness that offers a rich set of management reports, supported by a robust accounting core; and its user-friendly, feature-rich interface.

Supporting funeral, life and health cover, FlexiSure manages originations, underwriting, submissions, receipting, premiums and claims management in a user-friendly, cost-effective manner.

Whatever your needs in the financial services, talk to us at Qualica about our FlexiFin platform.

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